Double Monuments

A double monument signifies a life shared in unity. A double marker provides peace of mind for the spouse that final arrangements for the adjacent plot have already been cared for.

Creative designs can minimize much of the effect of the “half-empty” look and eliminate the ill feelings associated with a reserved double headstone.

It is a beautiful and cost-effective way to honour a loving partnership. The entire monument is erected when the first member of the couple passes, with the horizontal slab being removed when necessary for the second member's internment. Both sides of the headstone can be inscribed at the same time, or each can be done at separate intervals.

Caution should be taken however, before ordering. Might the surviving spouse remarry? If they do, will they unquestionably desire to be buried next to their first mate?  Will the survivor desire to be buried in the Holy Land? Is a long-distance move contemplated? In the moment of grief, there are feelings of guilt and love that are not always sustained in the future. Great care should be taken before finally ordering the double monument.