Plaques & Adornments

Plaques are generally added to a monument to recognise the passing of loved ones who might not be locally buried or accessible, and adornments such as bowls for stones or flower vases dress the monument respectfully. They can contain specific messages, list family members or anything else you may want.

Again, these are able to be provided in a number of different languages.

The plaques are generally made of bronze and are extremely durable and long-lasting. These are often mounted on to a granite 'desktop' which serves to lift and angle the plaque for easier viewing.

 However, they can also be made up of a small granite plate, such as in the picture.

Adornments such as granite vases or specifically-designed troughs for flowers, granite bowls for stones and granite scrolls or books to be inscribed on, are beautiful and lasting ways to put your individual stamp upon a monument.